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While senior leaders are arguably the most visible actors in an organization, the impact of their operating styles on employee engagement, morale and performance can be invisible yet profound and far-reaching.

Leadership and Culture

Culture shaping involves shifting a tipping point of leaders in the organization from default mindsets, attitudes and behaviors into an intentional orientation to the future.

Leaders commonly understand they are responsible for the WHAT of a business – the strategy, operations and financial returns. However, when internal and external pressures focus solely on these success factors at the exclusion of the WHY – the organizational purpose, and the HOW – which is determined by their values, operating agreements, culture and performance suffer.

Our team advises, guides and supports leaders and executive teams with creating the cultural infrastructure to support business concerns. Through the development of a clear, genuine and consistent culture ideology, along with the engagement and execution of key principles, performance expands exponentially.

Culture shaping engagements require the complete commitment of senior leaders to codesign and model culture tenets in order to effectively reinforce them through the organization. These engagements are customized to the results the organization is seeking and their current operating state.

Culture shaping commonly involves executive and group coaching, a rigorous culture assessment process, engagement architecture, and internal communications advisement. Our team works with the internal wisdom and expertise of your team leaders to effect desired change across the organization.

If you are interested in learning more about how to create an intentional culture in your organization, a discovery meeting and alignment conversation with your senior leader will determine outcomes and a course of action.