Healthy, High Performing Teams

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Often executive teams can find themselves mired in behavior patterns, conversational dynamics, and behaviors that limit performance if these capabilities are not intentionally developed and sustained.

High Performing Teams

Healthy teams operate with a shared purpose that exceeds individual or departmental agendas and a deep awareness of how decisions and execution apply to the organization as a whole.

Leveraging Intentional Leadership in the development of a team creates the conditions for healthy, high functioning teams: Increased trust, candor, innovation, collaboration and accountability. By identifying the default tendencies of the team and each individual leader, the team can be reset into a new, intentional way of operating.

Intentional Leadership for Executive Teams involves the identification and removal of performance barriers that reside in the leaders themselves and how they relate to the objectives of the organization. A series of team conversations clarifies purpose, direction, and operating agreements that create new norms that not only optimize the team, but also have significant impact on the culture of the organization.

Each executive team engagement is customized based upon an initial assessment of the team dynamics and the goals of the team and the organization.


  • Alignment and advisement with leader of team.
  • Setting outcomes and scope and communication for process.
  • Assessment of team via individual consultant-led interviews and/or surveys
  • Personality profiles and team reports
  • Presentation of findings to leader and session co-design with leader.
  • Series of facilitated sessions designed to shift team from default to intentional operating style.
  • Follow up, capture and continuity for each session.
  • Communications advisement and spot coaching between sessions.
  • Summary output including ideology, operating agreements and commitments.
  • Recommendations of next steps to expand and sustain.